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What is Speed Sensor Replacement

The automobiles speed sensor or engine’s speed sensor is used to send information to your vehicle’s computer that measures how fast your vehicle’s engine is spinning at any specific time. Therefore, speed sensor replacement is very important for vehicles to protect from a big loss. Additionally, Speed sensor record how fast the crankshaft of your vehicle is spinning. The speed sensor is very correct to the standard vehicle equipment from the manufacture.

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Further, During the driving, the vehicle speed sensor also helps maintain stability and telling the computer when release pressure to a wheel. here we can tell you a technical thing that is if your automobile has smaller tires than normal, the speed on the road will calculate at a high speed even your vehicle’s going on the road slower. In addition, it is because of the output shaft spinning faster. furthermore, if your automobiles have larger tires than normal, road speed will be calculated at low speed. That’s why speed sensor replacement is very necessary for automobiles to increase the life of your vehicles.

Transmission Speed Sensor Replacement

Why Speed Sensor replacement is important?

 At autofaculty, we tell you about A  damage speed sensor that can cause all sorts of critical problems in your vehicles. The speed sensor is a vital component in electronic speedometers. Further, In both automatic and manual vehicles, The speed sensor helps to determine the fuel injection, improving the vehicle’s efficiency, controlling emissions, ignition timing, and improving drivability. Consequently, All these issues to your transmission system. So, to protect the vehicle’s transmission from any dangerous problem you should notice speed sensor replacement symptoms, and speed sensor replacement is necessary for your vehicles.

wheel speed sensor

Symptoms of transmission speed sensor replacement

A damaged vehicle speed sensor can create many issues. In fact, symptoms of a faulty speed sensor may also consequently, symptoms of other common components such as a  defective coil pack or bad throttle position sensor. Here we tell you some common signs of Speed sensor replacement which are

  • Sometimes Brakes are harder than normal so you should go to repairing shop for speed sensor replacement
  • Speedometer not working properly and sometimes does not work at all
  • Transmission reverse higher before it changes gears
  • Lights blink on and off on the appear reason 
  • When accelerating comes, Check engine light comes on intermittently and sporadically

Vehicle Speed Sensor

There are some come simple causes that indicate you may need to speed sensor replacement

  1. Speedometer does not work and erratically perform
  2. Odometer stops the working
  3. Jumps transmission gears 
  4. Vehicles idle work inconsistency
  5. Cruise control fails
  6. Automobiles lose their power
  7. Rumbles of vehicles 
  8. Drops of Fuel efficiency 
  9. Brake, Check Engine light and anti-lock warning lamps come on

Causes of  speed sensor failure

There are many causes of speed sensor failure. Hence, A defective speed sensor may cause different problems. The causes of a bad transmission speed sensor are the same as some other engine problems, like a bad throttle position sensor or faulty coil pack and many others.

Damage Crusie Control

This function of cruise control is the first thing to suffer when a speed sensor replacement malfunctions. Without a properly function of Cruise, the speed sensor does not receive information about the car speed

Sluggish Shifting

When a transmission speed sensor malfunctions or fails, you will notice longer shifting intervals than you are used to. This is because a vehicle’s transmission depends upon information relayed by the company, which, in turn, depends on speed data from the sensors.

Difficult Shifting

In a manual vehicle, a bad speed sensor can cause gear shifting problems. You may notice that the shaft feels rougher or faster than usual when you shift.

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If you notice any above symbol in your vehicle. So, we personally suggest you should go to repairing the shop for speed sensor replacement. We offer the best facilities for speed sensor replacement. Our expert and certified mechanics resolve their problems at a reasonable cost. We don’t hesitate to recommend our repairing shop because we have modern tools for speed sensor replacement. Give us a live call and live chat with our manager and contact us on email within no time.

Reasonable Price for Speed Sensor Replacement

  Model Average Price Parts Cost Labor Cost Discount
BMW $350 $170 $160.2 $20
Toyota $290 $160.5 $140 $10
NISAN $340.8 $180.3 $175.3 $15.8
AUDI $360.5 $190.7 $160.2 $20
MERCEDES $290 $190.4 $110 $10.4
VOLVO $340.8 $180.9 $175.3 $15.8
FORD $350 $170 $160.2 $20
RENAULT $290 $170.6 $140 $10
CITROEN $320.8 $170.3 $160.3 $15.8
VAUXHALL $270 $190 $190.5 $10.5


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